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Massage Treatments

For Couples Massage and packages for two, please go to our spa packages page.

Warm Grape-seed Body Massage for Relaxation (60 minutes) – $140

Relax and unwind, wonderfully soothing with candlelight, essential oils and soft music.

CHO Bamboo Stick and Organic Coconut Massage (60 minutes) – $165

This massage has been used for centuries to relieve muscle tension and to achieve deep relaxation, while the organic coconut oil is deeply nourishing for skin.  The therapist starts with a lighter touch and progressively applies deeper techniques and then transitions to hands-on massage, making you feel pampered and calm.

Sacred Hot Stone Therapy Massage (60 minutes) – $150

Wonderfully soothing and warming massage with heated basalt stones, this treatment increases circulation and promotes relaxation of muscle tissue. A sensory experience for body wellness.  Also available as a 90 minute treatment ($199)

Warm Herbal Infusion Body Massage (60 minutes) – $165

Massaging with heated herbal compresses helps radiate heat through the body, to dilate the blood vessels and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body.  As more oxygen is made available to organs and tissues, they become more efficient, boosting the immune system and shifting energy. Muscle melting and stress busting, this multi-layered sensory spa treatment is as powerful as it is delightful to experience.

Spa Journey Massage (60 min) $150

This spa journey leads to relaxation and amazing skin. Using exfoliation techniques and massage we treat your back, legs and arms, finishing with a head and neck massage.

Reflexology Balancing Treatment (60 minutes) – $115

A re-balancing and thoroughly relaxing treatment on the feet, incorporating pressure point techniques and massage.


Di Vine Add-Ons to Massage or Facial Treatments

Mineral Make-up Daywear (15min) $30

Revitalising Eye Treatment (15 min) $45

Conditioning Hand Ritual (15min) $45

Luxury Foot Ritual (15min) $45